We provide an environment where:

  • we trust in each student's innate drive and passion to learn what is important in their own development
  • students are part of a democratic system where they all have an equal voice in the daily running of their lives and their community

  • our students and staff are equal partners who work together to create a place where all feel safe and respected

 What strengthens the whole premise of self-directed learning, democracy and justice within our learning community is the importance of students mixing freely within all age groups. 


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   We Believe:

  • Children are born with an intense drive to understand and manage their environment
  • Learning happens all the time, in whatever we do
  • Children need a lot of time to play, explore and be outdoors
  • The best way for children to learn responsibility is for them to be given responsibility
  • Individuals should have a voice in decisions that affect their lives
  • Growing up in a mixed-aged community gives children a beneficial blend of backgrounds and perspectives