$150,000 Commitment Campaign

Glacier Lake School truly changes lives. Please watch the videos to the right to see how we have helped students and families find the confidence and enjoyment to pursue their own dreams.

To sustain the school and allow it to thrive as an option for families, a tuition-only model is not feasible. We charge a low enrollment fee ($5,400) compared to many private schools so that we can continue to offer our school to the wider community. We are a non-profit 501c(3) organization.

Over 50% of our families struggle to afford our enrollment fee and we would like to offer more places at our schools to all families.

We realize that a different model to tuition-only is needed; one where a community of citizens - who recognize the value of this approach to learning - can provide the resources needed to help GLS stay here and to prosper.

We need a financial commitment of $150,000 per year in order to reach the following goals:

Goal 1: To increase enrollment to 40 students for 2020-21

Goal 2: Increase full-time staff members to 4

Goal 3: Extend existing building in line with increased enrollment

Goal 4: Aquire 2 vans to use for field trips.

We have already secured one promise of a yearly contribution of $10,000, along with a number of smaller donations. We are now looking for other people or organizations to match these pledges to get us to our overall goal of $150,ooo per year.

PLEASE leave us a message in the form below to let us know how you may be able to help.


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Our School Promotional Video

Sariel came to GLS in order to heal. Watch her passionate and moving speech here.

Gabe has been a student at GLS for 5 years and will graduate in June 2020.

Janet is a parent at GLS. Here she talks about what the school did for her family.
Linda is a parent of a GLS student. Here she talks about how, after only 2 or 3 weeks, GLS has changed her family
Larry is a founder of Alpine Valley School in Colorado and is a well known and respected advocate for children and, in particular, self-directed education and democracy. Here he speaks to an audience at Glacier Lake School about some of his experiences.